Zee Search are a full service recruitment agency providing staffing solutions tailored specifically to the legal industry.
We recruit highly qualified professionals on a contingency basis, as well as performing executive search functions, market mapping and research. With a wide network of resources to draw from, we take pride in making genuine connections with the market’s brightest legal talent.
Beyond individual placements, we can provide ongoing consultation, helping you envision and devise a long-term recruitment strategy in line with your company’s professional growth and new business development.

Who We Recruit

  • We cover virtually all areas of practice, providing services for in-house legal departments, law firms of all sizes and within government sectors
  • We have access to an exclusive and extensive network of talent ranging from junior lawyers to associates and senior partners
  • We recruit related services within the industry, including support roles, general managers, HR managers, accounting roles and paralegals
  • Our international reach allows us to conduct global search assignments for highly specialised roles
  • We provide strategic advice on complex staff restructuring. We’re experienced in moving and merging small teams within other firms


  • We undertake a transparent and inclusive approach to the recruitment process. The process starts with listening – taking the time to understand your organisation’s specific needs, its short and long term goals, and an overall awareness of the professional culture that underpins your business
  • Equipped with these insights, we shortlist from an exclusive talent pool, keeping in mind how each candidate’s experience, technical and interpersonal skills would both complement and enhance your organisation’s capabilities
  • We employ a variety of recruitment methods, including professional networking, database and executive search functions, creative online advertising and targeted social media campaigns
  • We assist in all aspects of interview arrangement and offer specific advice regarding the interview and post-interview process
  • Following a successful hire, we support you in making the vital first steps towards establishing a positive, lasting relationship. Our clients can be assured of the best possible terms of negotiation, and a settled-upon agreement that suits both parties equally
  • We are diligent in post-recruitment follow-up and support for both employers and employees
Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you in attracting top talent to support your evolving business needs.


For Skilled Professionals in the Legal Industry

  • Whatever goals you have in mind for your next move – be it an inspired leap to towards a uniquely innovative role, the prestige of a position within a boutique, mid-tier, international or top tier legal firm, or a move in-house – we provide you with accurate information on the current market and empower you to take the next step in your career
  • We strengthen your prospects through our in-depth knowledge of the country’s leading firms and most sought-after local and international employers – relationships built on years of directly advising Managing Partners, CEOs, Directors and HR Managers
  • Along the way, we assist you with specialist career advice, coaching and mentoring
  • As a boutique agency, we are highly approachable, and are straightforward and up-front in our advice. We encourage our candidates to assess their situation and in turn, provide frank and honest guidance regarding the right opportunities and clear direction towards future career prospects.
If you are a passionate and experienced legal professional, we would love to meet you – visit our contact page for further details.