As a boutique legal specialist recruitment and executive search business, we source top legal talent for roles in in-house legal teams and private practice firms, as well as within government sectors. We recruit on a contingency basis, in addition to conducting executive search assignments for high level executive positions.
Zee Search deliver an outstanding level of service through comprehensive engagement with both our clients and candidates. Our aim is to develop a genuine affinity with clients, so we understand the unique interplay of culture, dynamics and personalities that are the essential make-up of any company.
We work together with our clients in a consultative and collaborative manner. Our recruitment process is open and transparent, while at the same time respecting the confidentiality of our clients.
At Zee Search, we believe Australia’s legal industry needs to step up its game when it comes to engaging with the digital sphere. We combine deep knowledge and experience with an emphasis on online networking and targeted social media campaigns to attract industry young guns to our ever-expanding network of talent.


Prior to a longstanding career specialising in legal recruitment, Founder Sarah Zee worked for five years as lawyer, in litigation and IP.
Her move into recruitment was inspired by a decision to dedicate herself to a genuinely people oriented profession. Sarah ultimately discovered a more passionately involving career path – one that allowed her to change people’s lives for the better.
During a highly successful career in leading national and international recruitment companies, Sarah placed numerous partners, senior associates and lawyers in firms across Australia and within the Asia-Pacific region.
She has continually maintained strong relationships with a broad range of influencers across the legal profession. Known for her candour and imposing work ethic, her impressive record speaks volumes about her talent.
Having become acutely aware of the lack of ‘specialised’ recruiters with a satisfactory level of expertise in the field, Zee Search represents Sarah’s next step towards changing the face of the legal recruitment industry – based, at its essence – on the innate trust and confidence that comes solely through mutual understanding.


We’re out to change the way legal recruitment agencies support their client’s long and short term interests.
We’ve seen other agencies fail to perform due to a lack of industry knowledge. With our hands-on legal expertise, we’re already on the same page as our clients.
In an increasingly competitive market, where the majority of recruiters focus on a quick turnaround for a quick fee, we’ve made it our mission to do things differently.
  • We believe quality recruitment services require extensive research and come down to more than mere transactions
  • We are against the unethical behaviours we have seen practiced in the recruitment industry. We operate honestly and openly, with the best interests of our clients at heart
  • We see relationship building as the cornerstone of our business
  • We search for solutions which deliver lasting commercial value
  • We work with you over the long term to identify new opportunities for professional growth